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"As Directed" services allows LuxPro® clients and corporate partners to reserve chauffeured service based on our hourly rates versus booking multiple or single point-to-point transfers. In short, we are directed to your designated pick-up address, greet you with your pre-set itinerary, and the vehicle and chauffeur are yours to command for the day.

Driving "As Directed" gives our clients the flexibility they need when handling a day full of appointments, errands, or pressing schedules. The flexibility you receive when reserving an "As Directed" client is a great benefit when you have meetings and errands that are not scheduled or challenges that must be handled on the fly.

"As Directed" service is a great way to simplify billing when you have more stops than usual and varying lengths of time needed for specific appointments and visits in your daily scheduled itinerary.

LuxPro® allows you to adapt to a daily schedule that can change on a dime. We always anticipate and are ready for sudden schedule changes. Most of our clients will have a set itinerary, but schedules can sometimes get conflicted because of the urgent needs of other sources.

You can rest assured that our chauffeurs have a wealth of knowledge and are highly trained in road handling skills, always at the ready, and always accommodating to any sudden itinerary or scheduling changes. For more information or to submit an itinerary, please call us today.

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