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Our LuxPro® estate managers are top-level executives that handle large households or complex properties that employ a wide array of personal staff. Our managers are responsible for working directly with the owner to plan and execute the owner's overall requests for management of the property and the household staff employees.

Each estate manager is responsible for communicating and implementing the desires of the owner's plans to the chosen estate staff. Our managers will oversee the estate staff on all levels, including recruitment and hiring, performance reviews, and termination if necessary.

LuxPro® estate managers are familiar with all the positions filled at the estate and are aware of the job specifications of each staff member-governed at the owner's request. The estate manager will be responsible for inspecting other employees' areas of responsibility to ensure satisfactory completion and reporting to the property owner.

Every owner and every household is different. The estate management duties vary based on the property owner and the type of property but will still require someone with strong people skills and great attention to detail. Traveling will be required to supervise all locations if multiple properties are involved.

Flexibility is required, as the estate manager must be on call to handle potential emergencies at all locations at any hour. Estate managers should have an understanding of their employee's business holdings and be able to represent the image they seek to present. Most of our LuxPro® estate managers live at the estate and report directly to the property owner.

Our estate managers are well versed in an array of skills typical of high-level management. They have strong negotiating and people skills to interact with people both above and below them, as well as a keen attention to detail. Our managers must be flexible people who can switch focus at a moment's notice. All LuxPro® estate managers are comfortable with financing, scheduling, and other technical management skills.

Above all, estate managers must be dedicated to their job and employer. For more information, please call our office today.

Duties of a LuxPro® Estate Manager

Management Skills

All LuxPro® managers are a crucial part of estate management, ensuring that all aspects of the estate are running smoothly. This requires our managers to accurately assess the quality of the estate's upkeep and the performance of individual employees.

Staff Supervision

Each employee working on the estate will report directly to the LuxPro® estate manager. In some cases where there is a large staff, the household staff, groundsmen, and kitchen manager will report to the estate manager. The estate manager will be the direct conduit between staff and the owner.

Staff Performance and Accountability

LuxPro® estate managers will meet with estate employees quarterly to discuss their performance and access any room for improvement. LuxPro® managers usually have the authority to recommend an outstanding employee for promotion or terminate an employee because of poor performance.

Staff Hires and Background Checks

LuxPro® estate managers are also responsible for recruiting and training trustworthy new employees for the estate or property. Our managers are to relay sensitive criteria and personal requests directly from the property owner.

Contract Negotiation

We know that large estates will generally require a supply of outside products. Our estate manager's responsibility is to meet with vendors and negotiate contracts for food, furnishings, and technical maintenance to ensure a good value for our property owners.

Budget and System Management

LuxPro® estate managers will oversee the systems and protocols that keep your estate or property running efficiently. This includes all quarterly and annual budgets, schedules for all estate employees, approved use of estate facilities, and payroll management.

Employer Liaison

LuxPro® estate managers serve the pleasure and criteria of the property owner, acting as the direct representative of the property owner's interests. Responsibilities may include travel or meeting with representatives of the employer's business. The estate manager should consider themselves a liaison of the employer's brand.

Leadership Skills

As they interact with a large household staff daily, we require our estate managers to be able to motivate their team and support them in every way. Our managers encourage their staff and are proud of their work. They assist staff in performing to the best of their abilities. Each manager has a cheerful personality that fosters a collaborative work environment.

Technical Skills

Our estate managers have extensive knowledge of spreadsheets and calculation software to keep track of payroll, schedules, and space management. Avoiding conflicts and supporting the staff requires both effective use of software and personal skills in keeping track of details.

Research and Knowledge

We know that every estate is different, and every property owner is unique, meaning that every LuxPro® estate manager will have additional responsibilities. They must be well versed in their estate and property owner criteria, including knowledge of antiques or other valuable items that will require special care.

Security Technology

LuxPro® estate managers are often responsible for managing the security of their estate or liaising with the security manager, creating a solid security cycle and a strong knowledge of essentially modern security devices.

Spreadsheets and Payroll Software

Our estate managers are experienced in overseeing staff schedules and payroll for what can often reach dozens of employees. They use electronic tools such as Excel to track and ensure accounts payable accuracy.

On-Call Communications

A big part of our estate manager's job is staying on call to field emergencies at their employer's properties. Our estate managers utilize smartphones with e-mail capability that allows us to manage crises remotely. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

We know that the duties of an estate manager will vary significantly based on the type of estate and the demands of their employer. However, our estate managers' responsibilities will include direct supervision of all specialized staff at the estate.

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