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LuxPro® offers non-emergency medical transportation that is discreet, safe, reliable, and personable transportation. In today's trying times, finding reliable transportation to and from non-emergency medical appointments and procedures is challenging. That's why we work with insurance and medical establishments to help assist patients and clients with medical appointments and ongoing medical procedures.

We can provide a net 30 billing situation for office convenience or bill per ride needed by way of an on-file credit card for personal convenience. Our medical transportation services are hassle-free for our clients. From start to finish, we make every effort to enhance the comfort of our travelers. All vehicles are chauffeur driven by well-trained, well-screened, licensed, bonded, and insured personnel.

We escort patients to and from their procedures in one of our luxury sedans or SUVs. Your chauffeur will know your itinerary and what's expected of them throughout your travel that day. We always communicate with the surgical or medical centers to notify them of the patient's arrival times.

There are a lot of things that can make for a stressful transportation experience. Things like bad logistics, missed doctor/patient confirmations, LA traffic, arriving late, unfamiliar chauffeur/driver, or itinerary failures. Our services alleviate all those things by assigning you to a knowledgeable, personable chauffeur that knows you and your daily appointment schedules.

We follow all HIPAA guidelines with strict accountability. Whether with a company that handles patient transportation or a personal individual with transportation needs, we are always here to be of service. For more information, call our office today.

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