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Luxury is earned and to be enjoyed, as a healthy life is to be cherished and maintained. LuxPro® created a fitness program dedicated to this mindset because we believe a healthy heart, body, and mind are essential to better living.

In everyday life, there is a multitude of things that cause stress. Family, career, finances, business, debt, bills, and the pandemic shut down are some reasons we can neglect our own well-being.

Many studies have shown the negative results of having too much stress in life. Stress is a documented, negative, unhealthy fact and a true wellness killer. Exercise, healthy activities, and a balanced diet are essential for people of all ages.

Our dedicated LuxPro® wellness coaches take pride in providing positive one-on-one health and body evaluations, daily workout plans, and healthy diet programs to each client. We understand that every client is different, and every need will be specific.

IFBB World Bodybuilding Champion Silvio Samuel heads our staff of well-trained, personable, experienced health motivators that encourage you at every step to believe in your quest for better health, wellness, and body shaping.

LuxPro® fitness is designed to personally address your specific concerns regarding you and your healthy lifestyle interest. Our focus is to tend to your body type and nutritional lifestyle concerns while assisting and motivating you to be the healthiest person you can be.

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